Musician - Drums & Percussion

MARCH 2012

Hello everybody.

I have decided to start a blog/website. The aim is to keep people updated with what i’ve been up to musically and to get music that i’ve played on out there to listen to. Also, to share ideas and things that i find inspirational in life.

So, this year has already seen a feast of musical activity. A gig in Madrid with The Filthy Six was fun (new album coming, look out!) as well as live shows with Jodie Marie, Joe Stilgoe and Reem Kelani.

Sessions so far have included two films - A Song for Marion and Gambit, both recorded at Air Studios. Gambit, in particular is going to be a beast of a film starring Cameron Diaz and Alan Rickman. Looking forward to hearing my drumming on the big screen! Brandon Allen asked me to play on his next album featuring Ross Stanley, Chris Hill, Chris Allard and Ernesto Simpson on percussion. I played on a few tracks for Marques Toliver’s next record due out at some point later this year. If you havent heard Marques, please do check him out. I also played on a collaboration between Jodie Marie and The Noisettes. This was a cover of “Here Today” from Pet Sounds, the classic Beach Boys album. This can be heard on the cover CD of MOJO magazine and other bands and artists are covering the rest of the album, should be interesting. Heres a photo of our “studio tambourine ensemble”…

I was asked to play in the orchestra backing Labrinth for a special performance of his song “Earthquake” on The Jonathan Ross Show. The great Hugh Wilkinson and I were on percussion duties, with legend Andy Gangadeen on drums. Was great to spend a couple days picking Andy’s brain about what he does. Here we are, note the tartan timp sticks!

The month rounded up with a gig in beautiful Castellon, Spain, with the fantastic JUJU. I have been a fan of this band for years as my old teacher Dawson Miller was the original percussionist. Its great music and a fab band. Dave Smith is now the drummer and im honoured that the band see me fit as a “dep”. I urge everyone to check out the album “In Trance”, out on Real World records. Amazing music and a priviledge to share the stage with these guys. 

Coming up, recording for Redinho, gigs and a BBC recording with Tom Challenger’s Brass Mask, as well as working on some beats and TV music of my own.